Saigon - A City of Motorbike

Motorbikes remain the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam; particularly in Saigon, which has a population of around 92 million people and 45 million registered motorbikes. This is so common for locals, but foreigners are so surprised on their first Saigon visit because numbers of motorbikes

Vietnam is one of the countries in the world that motorbike is still so popular now. This is the reason why many motorbike manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki have chosen Vietnam as their manufacturing market.

Riding motorbike is fun, but if you pay attention on people driving around, you recognize that we do not follow the rules on the road. Therefore, travelling by motorbikes is also one of the most interesting activities in Saigon, it is the best ways for you to experience the culture also local life of Saigonese.

In Vietnam, motorbike is not only a kind transportation but also as a way of making a living. Motorbikes become an important thing of the Vietnamese cultures. Vietnamese use motorbikes to serve our daily routines like going out, taking our children to school and deliver goods for business.

With so many small roads and alleys in Saigon, motorbike will be the best choice to take you access them in a short time, which a car or bus can never do. Especially, on the way want to stop by a local restaurant or coffee shops for a short break. However, it is so difficult for you do that while sitting in the bus. A flexible traveling on a bike will give you more chances to connect with great locals, special cultures and spectacular sightseeing.

Especially, one of the most reasons that make motorbike is our first choice for transportation. The average cost of a motorbike is just around a thousand us dollars. Besides, if we still couldn’t afford it, you could buy second-hand one, just only few millions Vietnamese dong. However, buying a new car will cost us at least ten thousand US dollars.

Driving a motorbike in Vietnam is quite complex, but it is a once in a lifetime experience with experiencing the local life and exploring hidden cultures.