Motorbike - Best Way To Move In Central

Now motorbikes are become one of the most popular transportation in Saigon, general in Vietnam. You could see motorbikes everywhere, from big cities to rural countrysides, from the modern to central to slum area. It will not be surprised for you to get stuck in traffic jam with millions of motorbikes.

It is so hard for Vietnamese people not to accept motorbikes play an important role in Vietnamese life, particularly in Saigon. For example, Saigon -  a city of more than 8 million bikes, everyone has a motorbike to travel around the narrow streets and alleys. These are some reasons which make Vietnamese choosing motorbikes for moving in the central.

First, It is not fun for people from some countries whose weather are cold to ride motorbikes. However, Vietnam got a climate that makes bikes as a main transportation. 

Second, Many areas are in fact former slums that they do not have big space for parking the cars. For example, some houses in Saigon are about 400m from the road and only one lane is wide enough for 2 motorbikes. Moreover, parking is a big problem for anyone who wants to park their own car in this city. For those who live in city houses, that would be either a pay parking somewhere. Same with all of the shopping malls or restaurants in the center, maybe we would have to pass the street to find a pay parking somewhere.

Another reason is about the roads in Saigon. The streets in Vietnam are extremely narrow. It is so hard for you to go to work or going out every day with a car, especially in rush hours. Your car is surely bigger than bikes, which makes you late on travelling. Motorbike is much more flexible and it is small enough to cross the crowd.

That’s why you can see motorbikes are so popular in Vietnam; especially, in the Saigon. Although, motorbikes make many inconveniences for example, air pollution, but we are still happy with using Motorbikes